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Fogging with Sporekill

Sporekill is very effective when fogged into clean growing rooms prior to filling them with fresh compost.

Rate is 1 Litres Sporekill in 4 Litres water for 1000m3

After fogging is complete, turn off fans and leave for 12 hours. This lets the fine fog drops slowly on every availble surface in the room.

Wash out fogger with warm water after use.Fogging a room




Belt & Braces!

Sporekill is first a fungistat and fungicide for the safe disinfection of surfaces with the additional benefit of a soap film to trap any spores and mycelial debris landing on them after the disinfection operation….that’s BELT & BRACES!

What are the best ways of adding Mycrogranules to my casing?

Growers have been asking us about the best methods to mix Mycrogranules and pH Balance in the casing. Here are 3 examples of doing this:

  1. Conventional casing mixer (liquid or granules)
  2. Mixing on a line going to a bulk truck or filling head (granules)
  3. Mixing in a farm feed type mixer (granules or liquid)

For more detailed information please contact us directly.

FREE Casing pH sampling for our customers

labpersonnelWe are now offering a FREE casing pH testing service to all our customers using Mycronutrient. Ensuring your success is very important to us and it is for this reason we are making this new service to you. Analysis is carried out by Intertek who are an accredited national laboratory facility.

Please email to register and start using the FREE service.






Sampling Procedure

Customers have been asking us about the procedure for sending samples to us for pH testing…..

Sampling Procedure for Casing

  1. Gather 8-10 samples of casing (teaspoon size) from all over the treated growing room and place in a sealed ‘ziplock’ bag.
  2. Shake the contents prior to decanting 200g of the mixed sample in a fresh ziplock bag ready for posting to us.
  3. Place a self adhesive label on the bag using a permanent black marker pen to record: Date, Farm and House No. Enclose farm address and email so we can contact you with the results.
  4. Post samples to: Nutrigain Ltd, Unit 13, Bollington Lane, Nether Alderley, Cheshire, SK10 4TB, UK. Mark as samples.
  5. Sampling every room will confirm that parameters are correct for Mycronutrient and give you a good indication of any potential variations.
  6. Lab results will be emailed back to you.