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Dosatron for prediluting feeder before spraying on compost

Here is a demonstration of a dosatron accurately diluting and dispensing Mycrofeeder; in this case the Organic certified version.

The model tested was the D3RE25IE as it has the high dilution rate capability and the product goes in via a separate injection unit. The dosed product goes into a small ‘reserve tank’ of 200L and from  there a pump system takes diluted product at a constant output to the nozzles.

We can make all the calculations for correct dosing on the lines and supply a ‘package’ with all equipment and spray bars to do the job simple and easy. Please contact or


Application of Mycrofeeder on compost at filling phase 3

Below are two video links which show the application on a head end filler. It gives you an idea of how it should go on, you can see it is more like a mist than a spray.

Mycrofeeder is applied as a drench (2L/m2) before casing. Growers like yourselves who simultaneously fill and case their rooms would have an arrangement like in the links above, otherwise the liquid is applied with a fine watering rose after filling and levelling out of compost and before the casing is applied on either phase 2 or phase 3 compost.

Rate of use is 200ml in 2L of water per m2. The mixture should be premixed with water and is water soluble. This can be done in a tank or with a Dosatron unit which automatically meters correct dilutio  rate straight from the drum. Please see below.


Recent Findings on Disinfection from European research group

“It is vitally important to disinfect floors after cook out, they are covered in spores like Verticillium and Cobweb even after cookout”

“Growers should disinfect down corridors everyday to prevent build up of spores around the farm; weekly washdowns are too long time period”

Sporekill is perfect for floors because of it additional ‘sealing’ and trapping action on spores and mycelial debris. It also protects against Listeria which can also be found on floor surfaces.