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Recent Findings on Disinfection from European research group

“It is vitally important to disinfect floors after cook out, they are covered in spores like Verticillium and Cobweb even after cookout”

“Growers should disinfect down corridors everyday to prevent build up of spores around the farm; weekly washdowns are too long time period”

Sporekill is perfect for floors because of it additional ‘sealing’ and trapping action on spores and mycelial debris. It also protects against Listeria which can also be found on floor surfaces.

Sporekill Drying

On our label we state that Sporekill should be left to dry after application. Depending on your procedure will dictate how long drying takes eg If used after cookout (before filling again) the drying time is very quick due warm structure and floor.

Sporekill INCREASES in activity as it dries, reaching its MAXIMUM effectiveness at the point of drying.